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Rated 4.65 out of 5 stars. Based on 90 Reviews

I would highly recommend by J S - Hampshire on 01/20/2022

Fantastic service from the first phone call, to delivery of my fully fitted out van. I would highly recommend GrippaTank.

Always great service by P. T. - Cambridgeshire on 01/20/2022

Always Great service, Olilver and team .My system has been great any problems are fixed quickly 5 Star

Made such a difference to my working day. by W.L. - Surrey on 01/20/2022

I purchased two electric reels . Really impressed with the service I received . The reels themselves are really solid . Great quality. Been out working with them yesterday. Both reels being used. Had no problems whatsoever. The design is sound . Made such a difference to my working day. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them . :)

Completed To A High Standard by D.R. on 01/20/2022

I ordered a van and complete system from GrippaTank, there were a couple of special order items to be fitted in the van and this was complete to a high standard.

Very nice people to deal with by G.B - London on 01/28/2021

Grippatank are a first class provider of Waterfed systems , I have had one of their systems for four years it is a hot water system and I can't fault it superb build quality very. Reliable and If I have had a problem or a query I get answers or support very quickly water quality is outstanding never lost a days work , just connect a outside tap at night in the morning full tank ready to go all automated brilliant ! Very nice people to deal with

I love the electric reel, by A.D - Kent on 11/04/2020

I love the electric reel, and my tennis elbow greatly appreciates no more manual winding in!!

Roller guide kit by Paul on 07/30/2020

Having had another company’s under floor rollers for a while I found them a bit flexy and easily bent due to only two threaded bars holding them together , so I decided to try the Grippatank ones , they are made of stainless steel and have 4 fixing points and a much bigger gap between the rollers than the previous one allowing the exceed ejector Sleeve to pass through without any problems , they are also very ridged and do not flex at all when winding in or pulling out the hose , and surprisingly we’re cheaper than the previous steel ones . I would thoroughly recommend them . Kind regards Paul

hank you all for another great service on my system by D.T - Kent on 06/13/2020

Just wanted to thank you all for another great service on my system. Paul did another precise and caring job but also got me back on the road as quickly as possible, Oban changed my battery in a very awkward place but I realise it is the only place it could go, I need a van with side loading doors on both side! The new high pressure fitting on the hose reel is a real quality part. Lastly it has never filled up so quickly! must be those new type membranes.

I am so appreciative by D.V - Somerset on 04/06/2020

I have been meaning to write to you to ask you to thank Gavin and Paul for the amazing job that they did on my system in February. The hot water system has worked every time without any fiddling about needed. I am so appreciative. The whole system feels to be an another lever compared to before.

I’m really chuffed with it by P.K - Gloucestershire on 02/20/2020

I just wanted to say thank you to you and the team for all your help with my system. I’m really chuffed with it and will be recommending you to everyone! Today went smoothly. Paul and Gav are absolute top blokes. They worked tirelessly from the moment they arrived in some really bad conditions. Cannot thank you enough.

Always happy to use Grippatank, by W.B - Essex on 01/21/2020

Always happy to use Grippatank, in my experience they have always been very professional and provided great quality products. Friendly too.

The suction rate on this vac is one of the best out there. by Ash Ward - Kent on 01/21/2020

If any one doubts buying a gutter vac system from you guys , please get them to call me, I have used now 3 different types of vacs now. Your hose does not get kinked up and the vac will suck up anything and not get blocked. I have used the other cheaper systems in the past and stuff all ways get stuck in the hose or in the inlet of the vac. The suction rate on this vac is one of the best out there.

They are a credit to your firm! by S.M - Kent on 01/20/2020

I wanted to say how great Paul and Gary were yesterday - it wasn’t easy for them fitting a large tank to my vehicle on my driveway but they did so with great professionalism and were extremely helpful in explaining everything to me. I am also Extremely satisfied with prompt advice and guidance from Oliver - who took his time in explaining everything I needed to understand. They are a credit to your firm!

A Quick Getaway... by M.M - Scotland on 12/23/2019

Hi, Did a few first cleans today and what a difference the hot water makes especially when you tell the customers. Then a quick getaway winding the hose on with electric ways. Definitely the way forward when cleaning windows or pvc. Cheers m

What a difference the hot water makes by M.M - Scotland on 12/23/2019

Hi, Did a few first cleans today and what a difference the hot water makes especially when you tell the customers. Then a quick getaway winding the hose on with electric ways. Definitely the way forward when cleaning windows or pvc. Cheers m

Your company make some excellent gear by A.R on 09/27/2019

The manual reel is the best I’ve used ( which includes a professional Redashe reel at one point). Very smooth reel in and good gearing on the revolution. I honestly think it's a quality reel. Best I've used.

Well made unit. by N.R - Wales on 07/22/2019

Very pleased with it. It's smooth and reasonably quiet. It drops another metre out when you've finished unreeling for a job, so the hose lays on the ground. Well made unit. You can choose from coloured or stainless steel chassis. I think the main difference from other manufacturers is that the motor is not chain driven. It drives the drum round from a unit built into the centre. Very neat and tidy. No chain to worry about. It comes with a quite solid control box and wired extension with control buttons. Plus the option of remote control.

easy to use by JD on 06/04/2019

The system rocks, easy to use .. like it.

Good customer service by Captain PW on 04/11/2019

Hi Oliver, I hope you had an enjoyable holiday. I wanted to take the time to send you an quick email to say thank you. As you were aware due to the recent accident with my van, my business and myself were under a great deal of pressure and stress. Your help, along with the excellent customer service, and prompt response when needed from you and your team has been greatly appreciated. Luke and Paul who did the fitting yesterday were superb, very helpful and excellent representatives of your company. I particularly like the personal call from them the day before to introduce themselves which goes a long way to building a rapport even before we met. It was a pleasure to meet them. So once again thank you very much, and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Regards

Delighted customer in Switzerland by Jord-Swiss on 03/29/2019

I approached Grippatank to kit out a Citroen Dispatch XS for a new business focused on Solar Panel cleaning in Switzerland. Approaching Grippatank after researching the various suppliers of the Water Fed Pole van mount system it was clear from the start that customer service is their priority. Olly and Peter answered all my questions with gusto. The solution offered by Grippatank was a 500Litre tank, powered reels, racking and three Gardiner poles, two of them SLX, 18 and 30 and the Ultimate 47. Arriving at their HQ just outside Cambridge we were greeted by their technicians and no time was wasted going over the small details. Limousine service was provided, and the completed van was delivered to my hotel 3 days later. After briefing by Olly and handover we were on our way back to Switzerland. One of the poles - ultimate 47 - was delayed, this was shipped later direct to our door, no issues and communicated by Peter and the Grippa-team. The racking installed accepted the Ultimate 47 pole inch perfect, as was mounted at an easy access angle due to the narrow depth of the XS van - very happy with that. So, the next step will be to upgrade to a hot water system and look at future builds as the business grows. There is no doubt that investing in Grippatank and Gardiner has been a good decision.

So Professional by D.T - Kent on 03/08/2019

Many thanks to you and Paul today for the service work carried out to my system, after running a car bodyshop for 24 years attention to detail is very important to me, Paul is so professional with the way he goes about his work, he really has the "attention to detail" way with him, it is a real pleasure having the service work done, if it can be done I would really like Paul to look after my system in the future, I have no problem in coming up to your workshop if needed and will always book in around Paul's diary.

Well done and a very satisfied customer! by D.J - Bedfordshire on 03/07/2019

Just wanted to say what a fantastic job, you and your team did on the installation of the RO system. Completely above my expectations and very very satisfied with the job! Once again - job well done and a very satisfied customer Keep up the good work!

The fit out is working brilliantly! by G.B - Woking on 02/20/2019

the fit out is working brilliantly, i love the way you guys over engineer everything for longevity & abuse.

Delighted with my Electric GrippaReel by R.F - Midlands on 02/15/2019

So given how little reviews and information for electric reels there is out there I thought I would share my experience and hopefully help and potential buyers make their minds up. I decided last year that it was time to get an electric reel, manual winding was becoming a pain in the **** so I had a look around and came up with 4 contenders, the Power up HD, the Pure Freedom reel, the GrippaTank reel and the Cox reel. After much searching I found quite a lot of information on the power up reel, and that's about it. The power up reel is cheap and easy to fit so its undoubtedly popular so it was quickly put to the top of my list, but without any comparison I don't want to go in blindly without looking at others so I waited until the cleaning show in Stoneleigh and went to have a look at all 4, well i say all 4, no showing on the cox reel at all but the other 3 were all on display and being demo-ed. I saw Oliver at GrippaTank first as he was hard to miss with the biggest stand right at the entrance, he ran me through the system, showed me the options, I already have a Grippa Tank system in my van and Oliver explained how it could be mounted on the tank with one of their frames that screw into mounting points on the tank, the reel had options for powder coated, and stainless steel and a remote so you can reel in as you walk back to the van, soft start, safety cut out, all very impressive. The whole system is completely upgradable too so if you go for manual reel you can upgrade to electric later, there's extendable hose guides, they were also offering a decent discount too. I talked to the guy demo-ing the power up reel, he used the reel himself was very complimentary about the reel and had a huge pile of them ready to be taken away on the day with a 20% discount. The lack of stainless steel put me off as did the chain drive compared to the chain less drive on the GrippaTank reel. The guys at Pure freedom showed me their reel, its very impressive, sturdy, and uses a variable speed controller to reel in the hose, safety cut outs and can be had in stainless steel, it did strike me as a fancier version of the power up though, its chain driven again, but has soft start, extendable roller guides and safety cut out if it gets snagged. The guys there were very knowledgeable but were clearly engineers and not salesmen, given that everyone was offering decent discount I asked about what they were offering and was offered a £15 (!) discount, given that most others were in the 20% area its was unfortunately taken off my list, it worked out more than the GrippaTank reel so it was a no brainer. I went for a coffee and changed my mind 3 or 4 times but in the end it was GrippaTank that I went with, so I ordered; Electric reel in stainless steel with roller guides Remote control Frame to fit my tank Rear floor mounted roller guide I had it all delivered and I went with a Pure freedom swivel mount to mount the reel to my frame which i was at the show, this allows me, with the configuration of the tank in my van, have to the reel mounted right by the N/S rear door so I can have the hose either out that door or out the rear doors. In practise having the hose out the side door is sooooo much better than the rear mount I used to have, I can park right outside and have the hose straight out in front of me. Once it was all fitted it looks like this IMG_0533.thumb.jpeg.2394a807c8c590170a050012f08e5de2.jpeg Rear door configuration looks like this IMG_0474.thumb.jpeg.898ddb3db04c16257f46b29ba3b22cc2.jpeg To say I'm pleased with the end result is an understatement, its fantastic, makes life so much easier and build quality is great, the stainless steel reel is built like a tank. The remote is good too, I can reel as I walk (as long as its in line of sight of the receiver) on bigger jobs, for smaller jobs its not worth using really but the bigger jobs is where its most useful. GrippaTank were great with their support in getting it all ordered to my spec and fitted so a big thank you to Oliver at GrippaTank for all his help. So in summary I can't recommend this reel highly enough, it comes at a price premium but theres a lot of technology and engineering behind it and I'm happy to pay more for a product that will likely last a lifetime. I hope this is helpful for any potential reel buyers as I have tried to outlay all the pros and cons of the reels on the market, the reviews is also only my opinions, others will of course differ but my experience has been positive. If anyone wants any other information or photos I will do my best to help.

Extremely Happy with my System by S B - Northampton on 01/17/2019

Currently my system is running like a dream. I Was just pondering different options for the near future re smaller vehicles and some one man systems. I will certainly be using yourself again for the system installation as have been extremely happy with my system and the service you have provided.

Thank you for your customer service! by Derek - Kent on 12/12/2018

I just want to thank you for your customer service, you really do continue to look after your customer's after the point of sale!

The service match’s the products by BEN on 12/12/2018

The best complement I can give this company is I don’t have any negative things to say about them. The service match’s the products they sell which is of the highest standard. Hats off to Oliver and the team. Thanks.

GrippaTank Ltd is ranked 4.65 out of 5. Based on 90 user reviews.

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