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 Last updated: 3rd July 2020

As the current situation is changing, and 'easing' is now taking effect, please note that although we are ALMOST back to a normal schedule of works, we are currently experiencing a HUGE influx of work on top of the sizeable backlog created by the lock-down.    Please bear with us.  Your business is very important to us, and we WILL attend to your needs in a timely manner as we can

As a company, We are CORONAVIRUS AWARE. Please help us continue to provide an efficient service by working with us on the following service adjustments:  (NB: please see the paragraph in red below)

  • Packages - Delivery to YOU

    • Some may wonder if it’s safe to touch the parcel received from us -  click here for more information on the WHO website 

    • Depending on which courier we use for your parcel, you will likely find that if you are present for delivery, they will sign on your behalf. Please work with our couriers, as this helps limit infection.

  • Visiting Our Cambridgeshire Depot

Our trade counter remains open, with the following adjustments:

    • ALL customers MUST call ahead so that we can prepare your order for collection in advance. 

    • Our office team will then take payment via a contactless method such as bank transfer, card, or PayPal

    • No customers or suppliers will be permitted into the working areas of our staff - this is to protect you and to protect our staff. For customers travelling into us for installations, you will be looked after and dropped into the local town (Cambridge or Royston) whilst we conduct your installation.

    • All staff are required to follow a temperature and handwashing procedure before unlocking and commencing work.

    • Any visitors who require entrance into the offices or workshop will be asked to observe the same process for temperature screening and hand washing.

    • Couriers delivering into us will not be permitted into the working area and will be requested to leave the parcels within a goods-in cage. The courier will then be asked to sign on our behalf. A simple no contact delivery and collection method is required for deliveries and collections.

  • Installations and Servicing

Many of our customers provide essential cleaning services, so in order for them to continue working and provide them with full support, we are continuing to provide a driveway service,  On arrival, our driveway teams will mark out the area they need for social distancing.  Please respect this by remaining outside that area at all times.  Sadly a small number of customers have not respected this social distancing - in such cases, our engineers reserve the right to 'down tools' and leave immediately, which will result in call-out charges being levied for the work to be completed at a much later date.  So please fully cooperate with social distancing.

Whilst our workshop and driveway teams remain operational for system installations, we are running a reduced service for driveway based work. We have reduced the amount of time our engineers spend out on the road visiting customers for non-urgent or non-essential appointments, as each time our engineers go out onto site, the risk is increased to our customers and our staff. Where possible, we are encouraging our customers to come to us or discussing the options with the customers on a case by case basis.

Our workshops remain open and operational.

Is my engineer/installation booking still going ahead? In short - in most cases, Yes.

    • UK Mainland On-Site Installations: All installations are booked and proceeding within the UK Mainland - with some minor hygiene adjustments (see below). 

    • International On-Site Installations: These are currently postponed with the current climate for travel being restricted.

    • All servicing and warranty call outs - these will proceed as normal based on level of urgency. 

    • Exception to the above: If you have a non-urgent warranty or servicing call, that we both (you and us) agree is not critical or urgent, or requires multiple travel points for our engineer (airports etc)  then we will work together to re-book this for a future date. The option to travel to our site will also be possible.

  • Hygiene in and around your vehicle or property. 

    • The engineer may ask you to move the vehicle to the location he needs it to be in, rather than moving it himself - this is to reduce the amount of time spent within the cab of the vehicle.

    • If the engineer deems it necessary to work within the cab, they will disinfect the steering wheel, gear stick, and handles of the vehicle before moving it. Please do not be offended by this - it’s nothing personal - we just want to keep our team working :)

    • If for some reason, it is deemed necessary for you to be present or “hands on” with the engineer, please do not be offended if they ask you to wash your hands before commencing work. Equally, please do feel free to ask our engineers to do the same, as they will not be offended either :) Let’s keep each other healthy!

  • Staff

In order to protect our workforce and our clients, the following precautions have been put into place, which our staff understand is non-negotiable and are fully compliant with.

Where possible, office staff are working from home, and remotely accessing our systems. Whilst the below guidelines are particularly for our on site staff, we ask all our work from home staff to observe the same high standards.

  • Start of the Day regime

  • All employees on arrival to the property - prior to being permitted into the work location, are required to:

    • (A) take part in a temperature screening. Any employees who register high, will be required to return home and report to the relevant authority.

    • (B) wash their hands as per the full hand washing regime set out by the NHS.

    • The above also applies to engineers travelling to site, who will be required to carry out the above prior to arriving on site.

    • Staff are required to ensure any PPE they bring in has been hot washed and disinfected before they are permitted on site.

  • Social Isolation

  • All employees are practicing social isolation both within the working day and also at home where possible. 

    • No handshakes, hugs, or physical contact are permitted. Where possible, staff are encouraged to work at least 2 metres apart from each other.
  • Hand-washing

    • Staff will be actively monitored to ensure they are washing their hands throughout the day, including at each tea and lunch break.

  • End of day regime

    • Staff are required to disinfect their tools, the work area, and any laptops and phones used as well as their desktops.

    • Wash their hands as per the full hand washing regime set out by the NHS.

  • Reporting Illness

    • If an employee develops COVID-19 symptoms, or has a family member who lives in the same home with them that has the symptoms, they will be asked to work from home, or be put on leave for 2 weeks minimum.

  • Face to Face Development meetings

    • For the short term, any planned development meetings with distributors and suppliers, are to be handled online via  our Skype or RingCentral conferencing meeting system. 

Read the open letter that was sent out to all our customers from one of our directors by clicking here.