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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Delivery System: A setup that allows you to work with water that is already purified. A delivery system’ contains no filtration system. It would typically consist of a tank & frame, 12V delivery pump, controller, and battery & charging system. Delivery systems can be any tank size, and either hot, or cold. They can be one or two man. They are most suited to people who already have a way of purifying water, such as a static system in their garage.


What is an R/O: Reverse Osmosis is a type of filtration. From the customers point of view it is a big filter in a white tube! The tube, or housing’ contains the R/O membrane. It is semi-permeable membrane which allows water molecules to pass through, but not other impurities. It is easily clogged and the waste water must be allowed to flow away continuously during the filling process. R/O filters are sensitive to chlorine and large impurities present in tap water and must be protected by a pre-filter. R/O membranes typically purify water down to around 20ppm (parts per million) with de-ionising resin removing the remaining impurities to get the water down to 0ppm. R/O membranes filter extremely well, but quite slowly. EG: A 650 litre tank can take 4-5 hours to fill.


What is a V3 Autoflush? - The V3 controller has some very advanced technology and unique features. It is designed to automate the filling and maintenance of an R/O system. R/O membranes can get clogged, the V3 automatically flushes the through before each fill, and periodically during each fill. It also has advanced features to monitor the water quality, and notify the customer if the quality has dropped, indicating new R/O membranes are needed. (Olly will no doubt add to this definition!)


What is a Split Relay? - This charges the Grippatank batteries whilst the customers engine is running. When it sees a voltage above 13V the relay closes and passes charge to the Grippamax battery. When the voltage drops down to 12.8V (ie; engine turned off) the relay opens and this stops the charging. 


What is a Battery to Battery charger? - This device does the same job as the split charger but it is far more intelligent. Older vehicles had alternators that ran all the time the engine was running, so we could always charge extra batteries. Modern vehicles have smart’ alternators, which only run when they have to. This is to save fuel and reduce emissions. The battery to battery charger gets around this and makes sure that both vehicle and Grippatank batteries are always well charged. From a customer point of view, all it means is that vehicles upto 2014 can have a Split Relay, whereas from 2015 onward they need a battery to battery charger.


What is a Mains Hookup? - This is a way of providing mains power inside the vehicle to power equipment that needs 230V, typically booster pumps or chargers. The vehicle is fitted with an external plug and provided a cable to connect to the customers home or business electrical supply. Any mains booster pump sold to go in a vehicle needs to have this.


 What is a 600 LPH R/O Booster Pump? - All pure water production is typically measured in LPH, or litres per hour. This is usually a maximum theoretical figure. Similar to a cars quoted MPG. Each R/O membrane has a quoted max of 157 LPH. The figure here of 600 LPH relates to the booster pump. It means the booster pump can pump a maximum of 600 litres each hour.


What are Underports? - These are external connections for hose pipe, typically located just under the back bumper. These allow the user to connect their hose reel and work with the vehicle locked. They also allow the FILL’ and Waste’ of an R/O system to be connected overnight while the van is filling.


What is a Static System? - This is a filtration system that, rather then going in a van, is mounted in one place, usually a garage. It has a tank and filters and gradually filters the mains water and fills the tank, then the water is pumped straight into a vehicle with a delivery system. These can range in capacity from just a few hundred litres unto 1000s of litres. It is designed to be in virtually constant operation. It has a connection to the mains that is on, it filters the water and fills the tank/s. Once the water hits the float at the top of the tank, it turns off. The when the user pumps out water the floats drop and it starts filling again. It is best supplied with an S3 controller which has all the technology of the V3 and can maintain the customer filter in good working order.

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